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Cressi Okinawa Mask (Clear)

Cressi Okinawa Mask (Clear)

The twin-lens Okinawa is a classic low-volume mask in Cressi’s Asian Fit design. Much like sunglasses are available in diff erent styles for diff erent facial structures, the Okinawa off ers a special skirt and frame structure ideal for divers with typical Asian features. It provides a better fi t at the nose and cheeks, maintaining an excellent seal.

Technical Information

- Low-volume, twin-lens design for excellent field-of-view
- Inverted tear-drop lenses improve downward visibility
- Asian Fit design
- Supple, high-grade silicone seals gently and securely against the face
- Tempered glass lenses
- Easy-access nose pocket for equalization
- High-grade silicone skirt provides naturally adjusts to facial curves
- Adjustable swivel buckles

    $85.00 Regular Price
    $72.25Sale Price
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