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Scuba Dive Mini Light Led 1700 by Aquatec
  • Scuba Dive Mini Light Led 1700 by Aquatec

    MINI-LIGHT LED-1700 by Aquatec

    This tiny LED flashlight is amazingly intense with a very tight beam.


    Technical Features

    The Aquatec LED-1700 has an anodized black aluminum body incorporating a double O-ring seal rated to 393 ft | 120 m  depth.

    It has a light intensity of 60,000 millicandelas with a burn time of 3 hours on a single AAA alkaline battery (8 hours until it goes out) and a battery is included so the light is good-to-go right out of the package.

    The concentrated beam reflector produces a very tight beam with a lot of punch for its light output.

        Mounting: Clip on mask strap, or separate with lanyard.
        Weight: 39 Grams. (1 x AAA Alkaline Battery & SUS Clip Included).
        Material: Aluminum with anodized and sandblasted in black.
        Bright: 60000 Mcd.
        Overall length: 10 cm.
        Waterproof: 120 Meter.
        Burn time: 3 Hours (100%~50%), 8 Hours (100%~10%).
        Bright Dia./Distance: 25 cm/1 Meter.  50 cm/2 Meter.  75 cm/3 Meter. 100 cm/4 Meter. 125 cm/5 Meter.

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