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Sharp Cut - Line Cutter
  • Sharp Cut - Line Cutter

    The Sharp Cut by Sea Sword has a very sharp double-sided CERAMIC blade that provides an incredibly effective cut.

    Ceramic is the second hardest material (right after Diamonds) and after sharpening will maintain that cutting edge and does not wear down. You never need to sharpen the blade and it won't rust. It is also very easy to clean as ceramic is not porous and will not collect dirt or grime, making a quick rinse after diving all you need to maintain the tool for years of use.

    The Sharp Cut is lightweight and is ideal for slicing and can easily cut line up to 8 mm in width and 5.1 cm nylon webbing with little effort.

    The Sharp Cut's small size makes it ideal for use as an underwater cutting tool. The double-sided design means that it can be used efficiently in a variety of situations. The high strength plastic frame protects the blade's edge, and comes in a two-sided orange and yellow Hi-Viz color combination.

    The tool is mounted in a polypropylene handle with a velcro strap for attaching to the pouch. The harness mount pouch has two mounting options on the back and fits any 5.1 cm harness webbing. The mounting options and the small size of the Sharp Cut means it can be located on any area of a diver's configuration.

    If necessary, the Sharp Cut's blades are easily replaced, and two replacement blades in a safety sheath are included. Always check the blade prior to diving and replace as necessary.


    Technical Information

    • Ceramic blade provides an incredibly effective cut
    • You never need to sharpen the blade!
    • Two sided rust-free cutting action
    • Compact, convenient, safe to use
    • Includes replacement blades
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