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Thermo Pro DIN/K Valve Nitrox Ready

Thermo Pro DIN/K Valve Nitrox Ready

Thermo Pro DIN/K Standalone Valve (Typical Side) are Nitrox ready, using oxygen compatible materials.

Each Thermo Pro DIN/K valve receives eight-step testing and is pressurized to full working pressure. The Thermo Pro DIN/K valve meets CGA V9-2009 Compressed Gas Association Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves.


  • You may see this style of outlet variously described as Pro DIN/K, 200-Bar DIN/K (G 5/8" BSP), 232-Bar DIN/K, or 'Convertible'. All these different names apply to exactly the same style valve outlet, which is suitable for use with the 3442 psi service pressure cylinders and any DIN style regulator or (with use of the included insert) any yoke style regulator.
  • Inlets have standard 0.750-14 NPSM (3/4 NPS) neck threads for use with all modern aluminum and steel SCUBA tanks. Inlets include a threaded 'dip tube' with hex opening suitable for easy dependable installation with a hex key.
  • Nearly indestructible handwheel made from soft rubber formed around a stainless steel insert. The stainless steel insert ensures positive operation with long-lasting life. The large ribs make it easy to open or close the valve even while wearing gloves. The rubber with stainless steel insert handwheel design is the preferred choice of cave divers. The black handwheel is standard, and an optional green handwheel is available.
  • A one-piece safety assembly (burst disk) eliminates the possibility of mismatched components. This greatly reduces the likelihood of accidental incorrect installation of the safety assembly and protects the integrity of your diving cylinder. The safety device is shielded by the valve body to avoid damage during transportation or while diving. Valves have a 5250 psi burst disk.
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