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Titanium Knife
  • Titanium Knife


    The Tek Dive Knife blade features a single side edge, both serrated and non-serrated, that offers both aggressive cutting action and precision. Serrations create a semi-saw on the blade that is ideal for an aggressive cutting action on cable or cord. The non‑serrated forward edge is the best choice for a clean, precision cut.

    The premium quality { 6 in | 15 cm } Tek Dive Knife is made from titanium alloy.

    The two most useful properties of titanium are the corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

    It comes with a sheath which fits on your webbing harness waistband and has been enhanced with a Velcro flap and pull tab that holds the knife securely while still allowing reliable one-handed usage.

     The flat ground spine of the blade includes a line cutting notch. Used for cutting and prying, not stabbing the clipped and swaged drop point has been slightly rounded for safety. The drop point design also makes the Tek Knife easier to return to the sheath.

    The low profile Tek Dive Knife also features a full tang with no handle to loosen or break. The handle is ergonomically designed for a three fingered grip with a ridged thumb rise so you can apply maximum cutting force while preventing your hand from slipping forward on to the blade.

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