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Titanium Tek Line Cutter
  • Titanium Tek Line Cutter

    Some divers prefer a dedicated line cutter instead of a dive knife.The Tek Line Cutter features both a cutting hook and a serrated cutting blade. Serrations create a semi-saw on the blade that is ideal for an aggressive cutting action on cable or cord.

    The Tek Line Cutter is made from titanium alloy, offering exceptional corrosion resistance.

    This design is gripped between the index finger and middle/ring fingers, and held in place using the thumb.

    Also includes a sheath which fits on a webbing harness waistband and has been enhanced with a Velcro® flap and pull tab that holds the knife securely while still allowing reliable one-handed usage.


    Technical Information


    • Premium Corrosion Resistant Titanium Alloy
    • Features cutting hook and a serrated cutting blade
    • Legth 13cm (5")
    • Nylon Webbing Sheath w/ Velcro closure Included
    • Fits onto any 5 cm (2") webbing or belt
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